Sunday, April 27, 2014

Water is the source of all life and all economy. Recent discoveries of water on other planets and in space tell us a story of where water comes from. The earth is an off branch of the Sun and like the Sun it produces gases from the coagulation of hydrogen and oxygen. The difference is that we are walking on a crust some 15 miles deep of mineral created from the earth’s core we call magma. The earth’s fresh water is constantly produced from this magma and feeds that water to its oceans and to its lands. Then through evaporation water enters the earth’s atmosphere in which we (humans) have mistaken waters cause by been taught the atmosphere was the only source of water.
Because water is also consciousness, humans need stories directly related to their cause to move their hearts and relate to the earth compassionately and bring ecology and economy together.
A story line needs a time and place in order to be three dimensional. There are many places throughout the world that can show the example this  or primary water. To explain this story in terms that would be most effective is to focus on the first bid of what scientist’s calls the most fertile land in the world.  California’s Central Valley, Wine Country, San Francisco Bay and Silicone Valley can tell a very strong story of water structure and how it relates to consciousness in terms like; agriculture, innovative thought, and technologies, as well as leading edge people who desire change here and now.
With the study of the ring of fire, California has the oldest of these volcanoes that has been covered up through the course of millions of years along California’s coastal area, creating this very fertile land. We follow the last of the visible volcano’s just northeast of San Francisco called Clear Lake. With this lake’s sediment being some 4 miles below sea level it is much easier to register the magmatic water feeding into this lake, the aquifers and rivers. Scientists have dubbed this lake, the second oldest lake in the world and even with further study, we might be able to find it is older then we think.
Never the less, with age brings wisdom. The wisdom of this lake and our ancestors we now call Native Americans tell us how the earth loves us and how we can survive our next generations coming out, by honoring water rather than exploiting and polluting it. Science is a reflection of this same knowledge of the earth so it is appropriate we offer the solutions in science to clean up what we misunderstood for so many years and thus bring ecology and economy in balance. This of course would then be the major reason the story of Clear Lake is so important and why our efforts to clean up the large composites of bioaccumulation of  mercury that is devastating not only to those living there but to those downstream that includes the Central Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay. To be even more practical: When we decide to offer the solution of abundance of water as custodians of the earth that will explain how to get clean healing water from its core instead of the fear that water only comes from the sky (of which is polluted overall). We will then learn to allow hope into our lives. Much like what the Native Americans offered the Europeans as a declaration of independence to prove we are all equal. The Truth study of water will prove that they were right.

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