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Trip to Owens Valley 2012

We have finished the trip just past Bridgeport, California and began our trip back through points of our past testing leading us back to Los Angeles.
Six men on a 600 mile trip north east of LA to find the truth behind the existence of earth generated water… Checking the “Total Dissolved Solids”(TDS) and the pH of the water at every lake, every stream and almost every pool that is fed by unresolved logic giving a steady excitement to 2 scientists, 1 inventor, 2 students and an unexplainable identity in myself.Mono Lake
Every mile driven through the desert with periodic hikes away from what might as well have been a four wheeling rental van brought caution of any sort of terror or death from the sacrifice needed in finding primary water for the purpose in recording proof for the sake of the next generations to come.
Head Hydrologist/Geologist Pal Pauer, with a history of being a prodigy of Austrian hydrologist Dr. Stephen Reiss who studied this same formula originated from the Nobel Laureate, Adolf Nordenskjold, established back in the late 1800’s sat in the passenger seat of the van with Lynn Hebenstrait, President of Global Recourse Alliance, driving the 7 seat Toyota minivan. Lynn, scheduled to go back to Africa to help people there with his nonprofit organization on July 24th, had successfully calculated the direction of the 6 of us in the van with his experience in Africa since he, Pal and the research given him in the town of Ojai, California where he lived with the mystery of all the great hydrologist connected to primary water which also included Pal, Stephen Reiss, Bill Knox and a whole bunch of other connections with the story of spiritual meets physical that will be told later after the calculative scientific evidence of this 1200 mile round trip story told.
Trevor, Lynn’s son-in-law, now student of University of Santa Barbara where he made a decision, at 32 years of age, to study environmental education after excavation with heavy equipment in previous years. This discussion, I believe, was not just because he had a great father in-law as a mentor but something in his demeanor told me that working directly with moving the earth around with big machines gave Trevor a special meaning in talking to the land and feeding back a positive responds to it through learning how the earth works more than just pushing it around. Trevor sat behind Lynn in the driver seat to help Lynn navigate the van using a laptop computer and a Smartphone directed by a website from Google showing the faults in all the mountains and valleys of all the directions in which we were going. This was such a genius idea and I wondered through the journey if there were any other trips in the world that actually did such a thing for such a specific reason. This may be also reviled and the end of this story.
Ron sat adjacent to Trevor and behind Pal in the Van. We picked him up at the LAX Airport after Pal’s flight from Medford Oregon came in. Ron fit in perfectly as one to express the external part of all in the van. Even as we picked him up for the long trip we knew this middle aged colorful character would even give Pal a run for his money in what can be learned about human nature in a very quick amount of time. Both Pal and Ron were like best friends in the van quick to tell all the most popular masculine jokes and kept us all laughing for miles. As we traveled through the desert east of LA we learned of the incredible experience of this highly motivated man. Ron Powers, native to Bakersfield California is now a Cattle Rancher and inventor in Texas outside of Dallas. Completely amazed in the conversation, that behind his humor might have also been a defense mechanism for all the disappointments he has had in his life. Ron HAD HIS GREATEST PASSION AS BEING AN inventor of alternative energies. As deep questioning became deeper we were sure Ron was a person who was soon going to put Exxon to its knees. Then the conversation was directed to motorcycle riding, building classic cars, traveling to most every country in the world. RON’S PASSIONS WERE STILL ON THE MOVE IN HIS MIDDLE 60’S. IN HIS LIFE HE DESIGHNED ALMOST EVERY THING THAT MOVERED. INVENTER OF THE JET SKY FOR KAWASAKI HE THEN BECAME KNOWN IN DESIGHING FOR GENERAL MOTORS, CHRYSLER, FORD,YAMAHA,HYUNDAI,SUBARU,KENWORTH, PETERBUILT and OF COURSE THINS IN THE AIR WITH BOEING AND NASA BUILDING THE MOCKUP OF THE SPACE SHUTTLE. I SUPPOSED ALL OF THAT LEAD HIM TO A MORE HUMAN QUALITY OR TO MAKE WHAT HE INVENTED TO BE ENERGY EFFICANT OR GREEN. YET EVEN WITH ALL THIS VISION IN RONS LIFE HE ADMITED HIS most important topic in HIS life… ‘’Women’’… and every part of women’s anatomy. I worked hard in getting Ron to speak of how close he was in addressing freeing us all from the world of petroleum fuel though he was agreeable that women’s anatomy had a lot to do with how perfect Mother Nature is.
“This is probably why I am on this trip” said Ron “We have not found it yet. We can get energy by bring dissimilar metals together but not enough to revolutionize the world. I am intrigued with the concept of primary water. It makes sense that there is a beginning to energy. There is something we are missing in these formulas and primary water seems to be the beginning.” Ron continued to tell about all his discoveries and disappointments not only from what he did not accomplish but what he did yet was not accepted in today’s way of life. He built the mono rail for Orange county so people could travel freely yet finding there were people who didn’t like people in lower classes being with the upper classes put an end to almost all of his dreams. This trip might have been the dream he was waiting for.. I called Ron “Constantine” the rest of the trip. He said he tract his lineage back to Constantine ancestry. “This makes perfect sense, Ron” I said. “You come on this trip to figure out how to restore what went wrong in the thousands of years of exploiting Mother Nature. You are now dubbed “Constantine in reverse” on this trip.” Of course this was all in fun. Men together on a trip for a cause seem never to take anything serious. “That’s for women to figure out “agreed Constantine.
Dan Salinas sat directly behind Constantine in the very back of the van just to the right of me. The youngest of all on the trip, Dan is a 22 year old student from DVC College in Pleasant Hill California. Dan changed his name to Dan Raven two years ago when he started playing in coffee shops and recorded records from songs he wrote with a talent in singing and guitar playing. I’ve known Dan since he was a small boy, when his father and I became friends after I returned from A 36 city tour presenting alternative energies with Dr. Yell Brown being one of the major inventors of the trip back in 1996. The one event Dan remembers in the year 2000 is meeting a mentor of mine who got me in this mess in the first place saying “you must continue what you are doing”. Funny how these things work out when you only look back a little in history. A mentor such as this had the amazing capacity of honoring all people and all religions whatever their differences. I remembered that day when he met up with Dan and what he could see in him. “You will be a philosopher someday” he said to Dan. The only way I can verify the words of this 92 year old mentor at that time is to listen to the words of Dan’s songs today. I called those words “V”. The letter v seemed to explain an inner quality that is expressed outwardly and whenever anyone would take the time to listen to Dan’s poetry in a song they would recognize a world of philosophical bliss. Dan has recently written a letter on Primary Water after a year of listening to his professors in geology and thought there was something more to learn on how the earth works. This letter was so impressive that Pal and Lynn had asked him to come on this trip.
So as this team traveled through this VAST desert, said once to be fertile with orchards back in the early 1900’s, the letter “V” seemed to be upon us. Words such as volcano, vortex, vent, vintage, verbal, verge and even vote or victory or versatile entered our minds, or at least mine, as we learned more about the formula of bringing water from the earth reaching back to the time of Moses.
“This is largely primary water” said Lynn as he and Pal tested the water off of Worm Springs Road coming out of the Owens caldera. The 40 places tested at that time were now beginning to tell a story. This story would further identify a new source of water that has been around us from the beginning of time, a story written in holy books describing the lower firmaments in balance with the upper firmaments. “If what we are saying is true”, said Lynn “then water would be abundant even in the desert we are now standing.” “How can this be shown to be true?” I asked, standing on an elevated area overlooking the valley. “Well, here is the exact spot shown where the fault is” pointing at his laptop displaying the Google Fault website,” If you trace that fault onto land you will see plants and trees growing in those areas where there is nothing growing elsewhere. This would mean water is coming up from the ground and not water that is runoff.” “But wouldn’t that fault also hold water from last winter’s runoff water? “ I asked. This is when Pal would jump into the conversation… “Look, this place is a desert, it rains less than 6” a year and the runoff from the mountains would not amount to much. How would you account for other places where in the middle of a flat desert there are oases, like the Middle East, with plenty of water coming straight out of the ground?” “I can see your point Pal “I said, “but we all knew that 99% of our population all say that water only comes from the sky then trickles down in the ground and then comes up through some pressure from the ground. How can we convince the public that water actually originates from below the bedrock?” Pal pointed at the test results as I knew I aroused a bit of anger, probably from so many years of proving this same point and so very few actually listening to him. “Each water test is different in this one given area. (An area within a 1⁄4 of a mile from each other) “That shows there are different veins of water coming up from the magma some 15 miles down, but the better way to prove it would be to drill a well right here” Pal brought out his divining rod and held it over the fault where it moved from left to right on the edge of the fault shown on the computer. “The water is about 80 feet into the bedrock and will pump about……..1600 gals a minute. You need to know hydrology, geology and your intuition (pointing at the divining rod) to find the larger amounts of primary water”.
Cali to LAWe all stayed in one more hotel room that night. We could all agree that this place could be out of an old country western movie or maybe more designed out of the movie “Psycho” from the 60’s for those of us are older than 50. The place may have been booming in the 1920’s when there was water and orchards that seemed even the locals forgot about as it was some three generations ago. The next stop was California City where we will try for the second time to talk to the public works director at city hall. The director would help us find the wells that were drilled some 40 years ago by Pal’s mentor Stephen Reiss with Pal himself being a student of Dr. Reiss’s work.
The director was not answering our phone calls so we decided to raid City Hall without an official invite. All six of us walked into the reception room and the receptionist had no answer to the whereabouts of the director. “I got to go to the bathroom guys” I said to the fab five. I walked in the bathroom and there was a middle aged man in the other urinal next to me. “How ya doing?’ I said “Oh just fine”, he said “the weather is not as hot as last week is it?” “Well, I’m not really from here” , I said “I’ve been traveling in a Minnie van with a bunch of scientist for the last 6 days looking for water and my brain hurts” “Wow” he said “you need to drive south east of here about 15 miles. The Chinese have bought up all this land and they are drilling wells there. The old wells, they have found, are working better then the new wells’’. “That’s great news” I said, “What’s your name? “My name is Patrick Bohannon. I am the mayor here in California City.” “Well Mr. Bohannon, I think I have some scientists and students to introduce you to.”
After relieving ourselves, I escorted the Mayer to his own reception room to meet up with my tired friends. It was important for Pal to explain what had happen in or around California City so many years ago. Pal seemed very sure the old wells Mayor Bohannon was speaking of were wells drilled by Stephen Reiss back in the early 60’s. The Mayor and his engineer friend had no real explanation or records dating back that long so we left California City to its outskirts to see what the Chinese were up to. Under the Mayors instructions we headed toward the small mountain range where it was pointed out to me by the group; where the valleys meet with the hills can be found the best veins of cracks in the rocks that are excellent in finding primary water. This place was such a place. There were pipes shooting out of the ground in places. Then we come to a large diesel pump with a pipe leading to a pond 10 inches in diameter. The water coming from the pipe was shooting out about 3 feet into the pond, of which most of the water was sinking into the sand obviously recharging the aquifers. “Isn’t that amazing?”, said Pal.
This was the last day out of the trip. We had to make it back to LAX in 4 hours to drop off Pal for his flight and then drop Constantine of somewhere in Orange County to meet up with an engineer friend.
Following up with the Chinese would have to come later. This would again take more time and research money to see if we could work with them or just get the information to educate the important’s of such a thing the public. We knew the Mayor didn’t know such details. Pal was sure his mentor the late Stephen Riess had a lot to do with it some 40 years ago. “The Chinese had done what the Americans will not do” was the thyme Pal presented.
The rest of the trip to the airport was one that ignited a discussion that seemed to be the major premise of the trip. “Was the trip a program for us to learn a way to wake up America?”. And if so, how do we go about doing it? It has been years of drilling thousands of these wells all over the world and there has been only people who will take the water for privatization without explaining where it came from in hopes that everyone had water. If then, that was the case the economy could be based on the effect of water instead of the cause. Or another words; the product that comes from water (which was everything) would then be abundant instead of individuals owning it; of which was what wars are made of (for many thousands of years we may add). Wouldn’t the economy flourish if water was abundant? How is it possible if we only teach our children that it is not?
We dropped Pal and Constantine off an then the trip back to Ojai California to stay overnight at Lynn’s family and the long drive home for Dan and myself the next morning. Lynn was leaving Ojai the next week for Africa to continue work already set up from the last months and last year’s well locations and to set up the old drill rig to get more water for the drought stricken African people. He needs another drill rig but that would mean raising another 200 thousand dollars of which is not yet in the budget.”The stats are clear” says Lynn “Primary wells are very different then the aquifer wells most non profits drill in Africa. They just don’t know. They know little about magmatic water. When you only focus on just getting water to the people sometimes what is underground is still contaminated with bacteria, especially in places people have not been taught basic laws of nature from being in a survival mode for so long. ‘’Primary wells are much cleaner without bacteria and more abundant “says Lynn. Pal explained, some months back, of a well he set up for Lynn in Tanzania that serving thousands of people rather than just hundred from the aquifer well sponsored by some very famous people here in America. It might help them to see even a better way.
Why is it we cannot do this in America?” I asked Lynn. “We have tried but the confusion and the red tape is more abundant then the water itself” he said. “The Africans beg us to help them. In America, we do not want to know.”
As we got closer to Ojai, the even more burning questions came out.. “What’s with Ojai?” I asked. “Why is it all seem to come to learn something in Ojai? The major out of the box Hydrologists, Geologists and Eastern Spiritualists converge at the same time here in this town (we were entering the town of Ojai)? I’ve seen where scientists and spiritual people will almost never get along. Are you guys at some kind of war down here?’’ Lynn just smiled when he knew such an answer could only be experienced. He drove us up to Mediation Mountain where at dusk we looked upon Happy Valley where Pal Pauer attended high school as a refugee from Hungary where he fought the Russians in the middle 1950’s. It was there he met his teacher of science; Dr. Stephen Reiss who was also attracted to Ojai from Austria. Others came to Ojai to track down Reiss for reasons more than just a scientific reason, I supposed. I knew when I met up with the world famous Dr. Emoto from Japan in 2010 over the Clear Lake project that is wasn’t just water being a substance these people in our past were looking for. It was water as a consciousness that intrigued them the most. The story in Ojai was about the great meditators from the East, like Christnamurti , Mirer Bobba and both conservative and liberal Christians came as a contrast to science (or what most in the western would believe at the time)
Something may have happened to them were they might have not lived up to their words yet what we now are learning about water is that the earth does not judge. All of this came together in the 1970’s when a young scientist called Luke Gatto worked to put the dots together between science and spirit in Ojai which I was told eventually became the Ojai Foundation. In my conversations with Lynn I could see that a place like Ojai must be unique in a way that there was growth through the struggle between right and left thinkers and what seems to be left are still sparks from the pain in the past. Gatto is still a part of the family in Ojai (although he lives in Santa Fe) after all the battle scars along with Pal, Lynn and those like Bill Knox and Stephen Reiss who have left the planet.
That night Lynn had asked me to show him the presentation of Clear Water Vision called the Clear Lake Project or Clear Lake the healing begins. We set up the projector in his study and we went through the years of work in the northern part of the state that pointed directly towards Primary Water as well. “All of this also complies with the study on Clear Lake that has been going on for many years” I said “The Las Alamos Study of 1986 shows Clear Lake as the last of the series of volcanoes moving from south to north over a period of millions of years along the Ring of Fire. 
This would also be a good reason why some scientists call Clear Lake the oldest lake in America. So you would think with oldness comes wisdom and what we can learn from such a place would be important. The line from LA to San Francisco and beyond shows openings and it seems Ojai may be one of them along that line. This may show you in yet another clear way how important your work is” I said to Lynn as he concentrated on the pictures. “It might seem that on these spots we are closer to the Magma and in these places there are also places of different consciousness such as India, Water of the Lady of Lairds in Europe, Austin Texas, LA, San Francisco and so on. The water can show us a more compassionate archetype of people as then go airborne through information of storytelling such as what Hollywood has done for a hundred year.” I continued the presentation with one more slide that I thought would give more emphases on the faults we saw in the desert. “This is what the great botanist, Luther Burbank, called the most fertile land in the world and this is probably the strongest reason why. This picture shows the water coming off the Clear Lake Caldera from underground and going into the Sacramento River and into the Bay of All Bays as Robert Redford calls it. It’s a satellite picture the USGS gave me not knowing how to explain it. It wasn’t till I heard the concept of primary water from Luke Gatto and then Pal Pauer I was sure what it was. See how it glows as it slowly mixes with the runoff water coming from the Sierra Mountains. I cannot come up with a better visual of primary water and probably its healing power going into the Bay. Such a story may even explain the healing of society as we have seen it in the past. You know; the strongest part of the hippy movement of the
1960’s in San Francisco and how the hippies used that wisdom in the world of science and became yuppies like Steve Jobs and the Silicon Valley. Could that sound familiar?” I said to Lynn “here in Ojai?” More education in this work might allow us to see cause and effect more clearer so we can be a little easier on each other for balance sake rather than battling it out with more polarization between left and right”.
Dan and I left Ojai the next morning for the long drive north to the East Bay. In the car we discussed the information we now have that well enables us to follow through with what we discussed at the last Clear Water Vision board meeting. Just before the trip south to Ojai and the van ride through the Owens Valley, we met up with Marianna King in Carmel California on the way down. Marianna is Clear Water Visions grant writer from Colorado who flew into Carmel on vacation and to meet up with us to strategize the grant, addressing the USDA and involving UC Davis who studies Clear Lake, the Central Valley and why it is so fertile. Marianna has a 90% success rate in getting these types of grants and after reading our documents is not only professional about her assuredness of getting the grant, she is inspired in doing it. It may be our government is forced in making true discussions in finding alternatives in water as we watch the earth heat up for reason that do not mater, only that we can do something about. ‘’It is our right to do this” said Marianna. It might be that somewhere in the constitution we have a right to face those who will finally listen with facts. If it all does not work it is only because we failed to inspire these truths. Our goal is to teach this directly in our universities. Our next generations need hope not blame… We’re pretty sure our grandchildren will demand solutions rather than being told to recycle for all their lives. It might even be that the word “Conservation” will be passé as we begin to look further into the basic anatomy of the earth. This grant will allow us to begin the teaching and allow the hope with real solutions to go airborne and help those in need in other countries. Isn’t that what this country and the constitution are set up to do?
Of course there is more to write and of course we need support from anyone who feels we need to act upon what the “V” can teach us. So I can give one last inspiration in this news letter written by the Moody Blues somewhere around 1987… Quote…
The words that I remember of my childhood still are true… That there are non so blind as those who will not see..
And to those who lack the courage, say it’s too dangerous to try. Well, they just don’t know that love eternal will not be denied.

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