Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bay Area Past Events

Event01Water forum: Lake and Yolo County 
Clear Water Vision held a forum for major technologies and inventors towards working with Native Americans on cleaning up mercury mines on Clear Lake and adjacent areas.

Event02Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, CA.
Major forum with technologies from Nevada, Los Angeles and local areas were there to discuss the Super Fund site which is the Sulfur Bank Mercury Mine located at the Elem Tribe reservation at Clear Lake.

Event03Sulfur Bank mine in Clear Lake, CA
A visit to the Sulfur Bank mine. This was a privileged visit because very few are allowed into this area. This mine is allocated adjacent to the Elem Tribe Reservation where the population there has several health problems especially neurological disorders in children. A visit by Pal Pauer in 2010, expressed a very high possibility of getting clean potable primary water to these people.

Event04Walnut Creek, CA
Reaching out to the locals in Walnut Creek. The fore-front of the conversation at Noah‘s Bagels was water and education. A visit by California State Assembly woman, Joan Buchanan (third from left) was there to discuss these issues

Presentation and fundraiser at the
Elem Tribe Reservation.

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