Sunday, April 27, 2014

With recent discoveries of water on other planets and outer space, we can see even clearer that we are all part of the cause we call water. Not only is water the source of all economy, it is also the catalyst of all of what we call purpose, love, and the reason for life. As is written “God put His spirit in the water”, from this statement, we learn to have a deeper respect for water and we can finally learn why pollution has never been a good idea. Without this knowledge we will never be able to use our God-given technologies for the sake of good. To reach this goal, we find a story connecting a time and place that can reach our hearts everywhere. The story of California as the leader of change allows us to ask the question “why”. As part of the Ring of Fire and being closer to the earth’s magma, we look to the last of the oldest seeable volcanoes turned into lakes, the oldest lake in America, Clear Lake California. Like the wisdom of an elder, nature makes a clear statement of love to the rest of creation.

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