Saturday, April 19, 2014

Letter to Schools

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Walnut Creek, CA 94596-0777

Dear Prospective Associate:

Clear Water Vision (CWV) is a 501c3 nonprofit established in 2008. Our viewpoint is that the

practicality of primary water has not been represented in conventional hydrology and the

awareness of water as a living being, and thus its healing potentials, has also been suppressed

from the mainstream. We feel that it is timely to support the development of these topics and to

relate them to each other. The purpose of CWV is to be the container for information on water,

not the information. Consequently, CWV needs the information to be put in by others and is ever-

seeking these people, and CWV needs participants to take out the information and teach it or put

it to use in government and business. Our guiding principle is that the work we do is true, kind,

and necessary.

Viewpoint on Water:

We view water’s purpose as a triad: It is the foundation of structure, capable of transformation,

and the reflection of spiritual well being. We want any study or discipline to view from all three


Water is the structure of things inorganic and organic because water created these forms. The

production of water is an elemental quality of the Earth. Primary water is the source of water on

Earth, not the hydrological cycle which is the circulation of water. Correct knowledge of the

production of water leads to an abundance of water for it is practically available just about

everywhere. It is a small extension to translate this to economic growth and sustainability and it

will have a significant effect on public policy and municipal water development.

Water as a living being transforms according to the energies that influence it. Correct knowledge

of the transformative potential in water leads to purification technologies for the remediation of

soil and bodies of water, restorative techniques for agriculture and forests, and healing for

animals and humans.

Water appears in animated form as every living thing. The mysterious energy that is life appears

in water; water is the form to hold this energy. Thus it is a conduit for healing, the medium

through which to see life. The Earth is a self-healing planet and the quality and production of

water is one way to read the planet’s condition. Consequently we advocate approaching with

respect and adopting an attitude of possibility when working with water.

Programs for University and High School:

At the university level, CWV can provide funding through our USDA grant, a mentor,

curriculum, study materials, and field trips. Similar options may be available for high schools to

encourage study in college with fiscal agent schools.

What do you want? Do your earth science and environmental studies classes cover primary water

from a practical use and commercial viewpoint? Is there an opening to have spirituality meet

science? Does healing work in the capacity of public administration and resource management fit

in to your students’ futures? CWV seeks to capture the information you need and make available

the resources to help you teach it.


Our goal is to capture talented people who work with water and to mentor them in the related

fields where they are not adept. CWV is fortunate to have a good start towards this goal. We are

all working to combine formerly divergent disciplines; everyone knows all paths lead to the same


Please advise if you are interested in participating with us.


Russell Anderson

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