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Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

Clear Water Vision is a nonprofit 501C (3) established in 2008. Beginning research had started since 1997 at Clear Lake California. Clear Lake is known by science (UC Davis) as the oldest Lake in America or the last of the oldest seeable volcanoes turned into lake along the Ring of Fire. (Los Alamos studies 1986.) Information as such has given…An Illustrated connection between life and water.

… Hope for our youth and next generations in bringing ecology and economy together.

…. Awakening of the public, government, universities and Native American tribes around the

nation with expos, conferences and presentations.


Restore the wisdom of the 14,000+ year old Native American tribe,(Elem) living on one or the oldest lake in America, who is also living on the most past productive and destructive mercury mine in America by bringing them clean ( primary) water not water from the lake (see website and narrative attached) of which is the best way to begin restoration of the tribe recorded with the highest in neurological diseases per capita (autism) crime and cancer by living on a Mercury mine for over 100 years. (Superfund 1992)
To begin remediation on the tribes health with detoxing technologies and remediation on tribal land and the Lake’s water (see plot plan).

To develop three test sites in America with primary investigators at local universities.

The Clearlake Elem tribe…. Close to UC Davis of which research of Clearlake is always in action.
Ojai California…. Home of our most famous primary water hydrologists (Stephen Reiss, Bill Cox and Pal Pauer) and part of the Ringing of Fire.
Adam State University, Colorado.
Verify and documentation of information to public in these ways…

Scientific…. Labs, schools, foundations.
Publicly… documentary , presentations


Clean and abundant water creates jobs in three ways…

1. Health and purification actions.
2. Increasing agriculture and food production
3. Deploying technologies related to water

Mission Statement

Water is the essence of life. Without it, we do no exist. We live and breath by the water cycle, which is the circle of life on this planet. The future of this planet and of us all, is but a reflection of our water.The quality of our water dictates our environmental future and in turn our lives on this planet. Without environmental compatibility and portable water, we do not exist. As stewards of our planet, the time has come to join together in the awareness of our environment. Clear Water Vision’s mission is to provide the awareness and educate people in ways to help preserve our natural resources, and to pursue projects that translate this mission’s goals into beneficial actions.

Keys to Success

Vibration is important ….Western thought is based on calculated regulations found in chemicals or what is seen in the microscope. There is too little in understanding the natural vibrations or how the earth works. The contamination of mercury at the Elem Reservation flows through the Earth’s aquifers and streams, then into the Yolo Bypass near UC Davis area where it turns into methyl mercury, the most dangerous type of mercury in the world. It then flows into the San Francisco Bay area with the winter rains and bounces into Marin County as it then goes into the ocean. The vibration of this heavy metal is much lower than what the human body, with its chakras, needs to vibrate at. The mystery of the Marin County having the highest breast cancer rate in the country needs to be solved. We at Clear Water Vision believe that vibration is the key in solving this problem and others of its sort in the world, through what we have learned at Clear Water Vision about the volcanic Clearlake. Eastern thought and science can help these situations and in return, Western thought has the ability to help other nations with still a stable constitution of the quality of water.
Water is both substance and consciousness…. Western thought is only based on water has substance. We will not survive without Eastern and/or Native American understanding that water is also consciousness. These two worlds are coming together. Clear Water Vision’s position is only to facilitate this thought and bring it back into the world of science. The key is to allow us all to know this through what we have learned from America’s oldest and wisest Lake sediment. Restoring the wisdom of our oldest ancestors who lived near that sediment is essential and needs to happen.
Education of the public about how the earth works (as it is researched at Clearlake) and will give them a holistic inspiration on water. This gives a deeper and loving connection to our Mother Nature who does not judge and always provides.
Water has always been the key to everyone’s economy. If more people knew water was generated from the core of the earth (as shown in the research of the volcano at Clear Lake with its sediment going below sea level) rather than coming from the sky or atmosphere surface water, then all would benefit rather than only a few. Water in deserts has recorded in our pasts are certain examples.
Central Valley California…. The Central Valley is known throughout the world as one of the most fertile lands in the world. Also known as the Tigers and Euphrates of the West. The highest example of education in agriculture has been the University called UC Davis because of the fertile land around it. Why is this? This is the question that leads to vertical studies rather than just surface studies that usually only centers on businesses in making money on minerals and substance derived from water. We are aware that the Central Valley needs water so as to keep its great economy going, yet with the information from the volcano some 40 miles away it is obvious that the ways our officials are advised in getting water (peripheral cannel) is not the correct way. Primary Water is known to man for thousands of years. Clear Water Vision ‘s views are that nature tells us the proper way and that this is the key in education so we can apply this thought into reality.( See primary water research).

1. Executive Board….

Russell Anderson… President

Suma Vasudevan….. Secretary

Krieg Carroll………….Treasurer

2. Advisory Board….

Eddy Taylor… Research

Dennis Watts… research scientist, quantum physicist, Boeing, NASA, health

Ward Williams… “Dalar International consulting”…consultant

Randy Hatton….”Vibrant Waters” …Vortex technologies

Nicole Shoong…”Chappell Health Institute” ….consultant.. Journalist

Kevin Swartz …. “Mechanics Bank”… CWV account consultant

Mark Daniel…. Hollywood producer.. Gram Green, Steven Segal

3. Accountant ….. Giridahra Graber

4. Grant writer… Marianna King… 2012 USDA awarded

Plot Plan

1 ½ Acre Proposed Experimental Test Area Layout


Example of one of the technologies on one of the 1½ acre test sites.

We need two (2) main storage water tanks. One Tank will be used for the Primary Water and the other for the surface water storage tank.

It is suggested that the drip water distribution system be used to hydrate the chosen crops to be grown. It is estimated that 4200 meters of drip hose is needed to support this project.

The primary and surface water source will be setup in a way to have base line water and three different treatments such as Vortex water process, Potentized water, and Grander water as an example. This will require eight (8) smaller tanks to contain the different types of the water structure under test.

Each section should have the same crop for the purpose of comparison.

Two (2) cameras should be setup at opposite ends of the 1½ acre experimental plot to take a picture at least once per day for the entire length of the experiment. These still photos can be put into a video that allows scientist and/or principle investigators to see how primary and surface water enhance the growth of crops over time.

The Grander Water Revitalization Unit

All GRANDER products work on the basis of purely natural energy, that means
no electricity
        no chemical additives
no service or maintenance

This device will be used for the revitalization of the original water and the surface water during the agriculture experiment.

Testing and Comparing Water Structures

There are times when the stream flows in the Yolo Bypass aquifers it has a triluminesence glow associated with the water. This water is prized for the nutrients that it contains. This is a very important question is looking for an answer. Tests need to be performed to compare and verify the truth about the bypass and Clear Lake original water. A test is requested to compare the primary water that is certified in Clear Lake with water flowing in the Yolo bypass aquifers. This test will require the skills of an atomic physicists that can measure or map the atomic structures of the Yolo Bypass water and compare it to the Clear Lake area certified primary water source. The estimated cost for this test has to be obtained from a qualified person. The estimated cost for this analysis is needed as part of the Grant Proposal.

The remediation process will be designed to transmute mercury, arsenic and other contamination from the soil, water and air in and around the experimental area.

It is vitally important to remediate known contaminants in the air, water and soil to ensure the success of the agricultural experiments.

Dennis Watts will be in charge of this part of the project.


Costs for the 3 Year Project
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
Project Manager
Public Education
Farm Labor
Principal Investigator
Grant Writing

Description of Expenses

1. Wells…. Primary wells need to be located and drilled in faulted areas. There cost varies from 15,000 to 35,000 dollars at the average of 250 feet. The infrastructure, which is the pumping or the regulation of the pressure of the water plus the piping of the water to the housing, can cost over 100,000 dollars.

2. Construction …. Construction includes the technologies, excavating, piping, cultivating, fencing and equipment needed to run and safeguard the test sites. First year, most of the work will be done.

3. Project Manager… The PM coordinates between the test labs and the Primary Investigators, usually at the local universities. This job is crucial in getting true documentation in all three test sites.

4. Interns…. Interns from local universities are needed to do the testing and also may work with the farming and can be included as farmers on the test sites. Connection between the Project Manager and the Primary Investigator is essential for learning how all the technologies and the water has common denominators

5. Public Education... The public needs to be able to feel and touch and get involved in this program, especially with the documentary in progress. This involves travel food presentation, conferences and expos.

6. Farm Labor… Money for this can be interconnected to Interns who also do involve themselves in the testing of the technologies, the Plants and the water. This is extremely important to experience in terms of how to work with the local farmers.

7. Testing… The cost of the labs at a distance between the universities and the test sites are paid by units.

8. Principal Investigator… The PI is one who is usually a professor at the university who takes in the tests, reports on hydrology and the study on the technology and the plant. The PI works directly with the Project Manager to assure the tests are recorded properly and to set a curriculum for the students of the future.

9. Documentary… The importance of documentation of this story has been picked up with different producers in the past. Now, with the permission from the Elem Tribe, the evidence of Primary water coming out from the sediment and going into SF Bay and the emergency of the mercury problem the producer is looking to a production on the Discovery Channel. Production cost is $100,000. To get it on TV, he says, cost quite a bit more.

10. Consulting… There is a direct need to set up a strategic plan so as to directly connect to businesses such as government, farmers, unions and corporations to take what we have learned and create jobs. This would especially be a plan for others to make a profit in Central Valley California where it is so fertile and would create income as well as feed people from these efforts.

11. Grant Writing… It is important to continue grant writing with USDA because it connects the government with the universities and then the students unless there are other avenues that need to be explored. The better we are to work these new ideas the more the government will stay free.

12. Technologies… During and after the three years of testing of the ways to first prove the technologies work we begin the work of using them. In the case of Elem and of Clear Lake; remediation is quite extensive.

13. Administration… The cost of Clear Water Vision, a 501C (3) to operate…. This includes office, office workers, insurance, computers, etc, for a three year span.

Conclusion and History

Water holds memory. We have chosen three test sites in this nation to best describe the relationship between Earth and Humanity. In other words; to restore ancient wisdom or bring back the memory of whom we truly are. These places give a strong example in what we feel will act as a “Priming the Pump” principle.

Technologies chosen are only examples of how the earth works and those in charge of them have learned through time that hands-on experience will help inspire recipients to remember their relationship with Mother Earth.

The examples and the story of Clearlake have given Clear Water Vision this inspiration to share since 1997. Here are some of these examples…..
1997…. Knowledge of the oldest Lake, oldest food substance or blue-green algae and a civilization dating back to the ice age.
1999… Vertical study on Mercury’s Superfund and the health effects of mind to the Elem Tribe and the San Francisco Bay Area.
2005… World renowned scientist, Dr.Masaru Emoto, came to Clearlake and said the water structure was the most complex structure he has ever seen. Clear water vision set out to find the reason it was more complex than other places in the world and found the water coming from below the mantel (caldera) was Primary Water.
2006… Trips to Nepal and Indian alchemy labs that reflect the positive affect of mercury. The Dalai Lama expressed that Mercury will be in neurological medicine in the future.
2006… Beginning presentations in addressing mercury, technologies and Primary Water.
2007…. Starting promo on documentary called “Clear Lake the Healing Begins”.
2008…. Establishing a nonprofit to accept tax deductible donations. Beginning of science conferences, presentations, Expos attracting technologies of Eastern and Native American thought.
2011... Clear Water Vision had acquired data from the EPA through the freedom of information act showing that three of the 40 test wells at Elem has little or no contamination at Superfund mercury mine. Three different hydrologists confirmed the same area had a high possibility to drill a Primary Water well to get pure water to the Elem Tribe.
2012… Clear Water Vision acquired the services of an USDA awarded grant writer to begin writing grant applications, in order to work directly with the universities and the government to build a curriculum to teach what we have learned from the Clear Lake project.
2013... After 15 years of work to develop a relationship between Clear Water Vision and it’s President Russell Anderson based on trust, and a vertical study done on Clear Lake, Clear Water Vision received permission from the Elem Tribe to raise funds to get them clean Primary Water and to help remediate their land and the lake’s water and has agreed to sign an agreement between the Tribe and Clear Water Vision to get this project done. This is a very important critical step in this project.

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