Sunday, April 27, 2014

Clear Lake Documentary Newsletter

Since the Clear Lake article in the November issue of Vision Magazine we have gotten over 3,000 hits on our website This brought about very objective meetings with officials and scientific personalities who could bring new information to the table. Almost all have agreed that public opinion is needed and a documentary of this magnitude is the best way to achieve our goal. We have established that this documentary will be centered on the importance of water, how it relates to California, and what California’s responsibilities are to the world’s ecology.
The question I have been asked throughout the years is; “Why Clear Lake?”  There are so many other ecological problems in the world.  “Why not just leave the oldest lake in North America polluted?” Perhaps the answer is in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s recent visit to Clear Lake. Dr. Emoto is world acclaimed for his research on the essence of water.  Also known from the reference to his work in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”,  Emoto explains the water crystal in Clear Lake is breathtaking in comparison to water molecules collected from around the world.  It has an extraordinarily complex structure as a result of the age of the lake. This then gives us a deeper scope of the lake’s importance.  Such a water molecule can be extremely healing, as it has for millions of years, yet can also be extremely dangerous when polluted.  What history of the lake has shown is the benefit to man when healthy and the deficits when unclean. Jim Brown, a spiritual elder of the 11,000 year old, or more, Elem tribe at Clear Lake, says, “Our elders have been telling us the value of water for thousands of years.  It doesn’t make sense to pollute it.” A Hopi elder explained we are actually 95% water. That’s who we are. He went further to explain, “Before the white man came we could drink from our lakes.”
When following that water molecule downstream and through the lakes sediment below sea level we gather knowledge that will inspire millions. Could our water structure be an answer in waking up the sleeping giant of America? Why is California the leader in environmental legislation, and could California’s awareness help this world in crises? This is already happening. But is it enough without understanding this important message?
This documentary will be focused on three qualities so as not to focus on individual agendas:
  1. Oldest lake in North America ( it’s part of a long chain of old lakes on the west coast);
  2. Oldest food substance (blue-green algae–it may be the most organic lake in the world); and
  3. Old civilization (archeologists are finding fossils 11 thousand years and older).
With the focus on these points the proper agendas such as technologies, archeology and the proper studies needed, will fall into place. There have been several of these ideas in the past but without public awareness their truth only falls by the wayside. (Look for next news letter). This documentary would explore these truths without the expense of the ailing government. North Americans will always choose the most efficient and truthful way to clean its most valuable oldest lake.
This documentary will not focus on pointing fingers at any one person or group.  This is not a matter of fault but what we can do to raise consciousness from our mistakes. We recognize these points are not sensationalism. The study of water and its relationship to its people has been very subtle in history. But as pointed out in Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” it is very necessary and the public is now seeing its importance.
Now with a non-profit corporation called Voice Streams Society we have set a base for the Clear Lake documentary.  Los Angeles movie producer and writer, Mark Daniel, has already compiled the information needed on the lake to begin his process. He explains that what’s needed is first to produce a promo on the lake that will awaken investors’ interest in the movie trade.  Daniel  states, “We can make a promo that will make Robert Redford cry.”   He also says it is a perfect time to make a documentary such as this. Hollywood writers are on strike and people need something more than just reality shows. We can hire some of the best writers as well as the most compassionate actors when they learn about this project. Getting them to hear this news is our job. The right promo is important. The cost for that promo is $15,000. Mark says $250,000 will complete a lower budget documentary after the promo is made. This cost will be negotiable, determining the impact of the promo, and what quality the investors are willing to pay for.  I believe a story such as this will most likely have a large effect on the powers to be and the promoters.  If they are wise they will not think this is just an ordinary documentary.
To begin with, we need to only raise the $15,000 and go from there. We know it is still difficult for many to understand the scope in which we are working and how the money will be spent, so we have already set up a non-profit shopping mall for those who cannot donate but are glad to shop on-line for the cause. This will allow anyone to shop at stores such as Macys, Safeway, Amazon, Overstock, even to get airplane tickets at, in most cases, a lesser price. These companies are glad to give to non-profits when they know someone will shop at their stores.  So if you or anyone else you know of is an on-line shopper, please go to our website or to to shop.  Proceeds will go immediately into the Clear Lake documentary fund.
The next mode of fundraising is for investors to be involved directly.  Investors are looking for good non-profits to make a name for themselves, a sound investment, help out the environment, and receive tax deductions. Voice Stream Society will offer 10% of the $250, 000 as a finder’s fee for any investors.
Now that the foundation work has been done to make this type of documentary a reality, the next steps we look into is finding grant money. Several grant writers offered their services in the past, but our work was not as clarified then as it is now. With initial funding we can hire qualified grant writers who will give us another dimension in financing this project.
All and all I feel very privileged to be writing this letter. There are several people who have great concern and respect for this project, and are waiting for a chance to help.  As the website grows with people writing in, so will the people in charge of our government begin, hopefully,  to realize the importance of water as it relates to the human condition. What better place to find out in the deepest way but the area that throughout history reflects ourselves the most—Clear Lake. Our oldest lake, with miles deep of organic sediment and a very old, wise civilization still living on its shores, is the place that tells the story of water the best.  Let’s awaken the world.  I’m sure something very positive will come out of our efforts.
Russell Anderson

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