Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Message From The Founder 
Russ Anderson
With recent discoveries of water on other planets and outer space, we can see even clearer that we are all part of the cause we call water.Not only is water the source of all economy, it is also the catalyst of all of what we call purpose, love, and the reason for life. As is written ―God put His spirit in the water‖, from this statement, we learn to have a deeper respect for water and we can finally learn why pollution has never been a good idea. Without this knowledge we will never be able to use our God-given technologies for the sake of good. To reach this goal, we find a story connecting a time and place that can reach our hearts every-where. The story of California as the leader of change allows us to ask the question ―why‖. As part of the Ring of Fire and being closer to the earth‘s magma, we look to the last of the oldest seeable volcanoes turned into lakes, the oldest lake in America, Clear Lake, California. Like the wisdom of an elder, nature makes a clear statement of love to the rest of creation.

An Evening With Dr. Emoto: HOW IT LOOKS 
TechnologyChristalIn 2005, world renowned Dr. Masaru Emoto came to America‘s oldest lake explaining that Clear Lake‘s water crystal molecule was breath- taking in comparison of lake water molecules collected from around the world. ―This would give a deeper explanation of not only the uniqueness of Clear Lake (volcano) but also how Sonoma and Napa Counties as well as the Central Valley and Bay Area have been called the most fertile land in the world,‖ says Russ Anderson. In 2010, Russ Anderson met with Dr. Emoto to discuss the Ring of Fire and the direct relationship between humanity and water.
HHO Brown’s Gas 1996: WHAT IT DOES 

Working the Brown‘s Gas machine in 1996
Just pour water in a machine and it comes out as a flame as hot as the surface as the sun. The late inventor Dr. Yule Brown called it a stoichiometric mixture between hydrogen and oxygen– a state of equality —energy. This process was demonstrated in 1996 to purify/heal as well as to explain energy itself. The neutralization of nuclear waste was Brown‘s goal, back in 1996. Imagine if this information was properly transferred back to the Department of Energy, back then (as was attempted by Brown), and how we could be helping with tragedies such as in Fukushima, Japan?

History Of Primary Water:  WHERE IT COMES FROM 
Pal Pauer in Walnut Creek on behalf of Clear Water Vision
In the late 1800s, famed hydrologist/geologist and Nobel Price winner—Professor Nordenskjold of Finland exclaimed that a new type of water was available for mankind‘s utilization; a source of portable fresh water distinctly independent of the scientifically observed hydrological cycles of atmospheric water. He discovered that throughout our planet an abundant source of earth generated fresh water accumulates within the deep foundry of earth‘s primary magmatic rocks which are all derived from the molten magma plasma chemistry deep within the earth as it cools and crystallizes, thus creating igneous rock deposits. In 1897 he stated that ―One could sink wells capable of producing such ‗primary water‘ year round along the Northern and Southern Coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the whole of Asia Minor – precisely best known of the world afflicted with drought. Nordenskjold‘s impetus to explore the phenomenon of primary water came from his father Niels, who was a chief of mining in Finland.
Primary drill site in Africa
In the early twentieth century, a renowned German geologist, Dr. Edward Seuss, coined the term ‗juvenile‘ or youthful to characterize this type of earth-generated ‗primary‘ water. It was Dr. Seuss‘s Bavarian student disciple and protégé, Dr. Stephan Riess, who emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1930‘s to continue finding abundantly-producing ‗primary‘ water wells for thirsty humanity comprising of farmers, communities, home-owners and corporations. Today, master hydrologist Pal Pauer of Yreka, CA carries on the extraordinary man-date of locating and drilling the plentiful presence of earth-generated Primary Water.
“Aspire to inspire before you expire.” As above stated, water explains a very simple law of cause and effect.. If we honor cause (water), effect (nature) will always fall into place. To bring ecology and economy together is a goal we all share. This takes dedicated dialogue and action. Having a clear vision of water is needed in bringing hope for the next generations. And that is very simply “WHY.”


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