Sunday, April 27, 2014

John Moore

Letter sent out to the board… November 25 2013

      I received a call from John Moore, a scientist and a doctor from Renton Washington, who has

studied mercury and healed patients through detoxing for some 40 years. John as a very strong

passion in working with the complexity of mercury and how it work with the Pineal gland of the

brain. He explained the mercury is the most difficult of the heavy metals because "mercury attracts

mercury" he calls it. This is a subject that I feel is so much better describe by John because I am not

a scientist and the words can be misconstrued.

     I explained to John the experience I had working with the people up at Clear Lake for 16 years with

the lake full of mercury from the super fund and described the symptoms of the people and he

described the same symptoms in those who were over 50% mercury. He said he would not work

with people over 50 % because it was virtually impossible for them to agree with the therapy no

matter how intelligent they seem to be.

    This conversation came into some humor although it was very serious because it seems to be a

great reality in what we see around us almost everywhere. Since coal burning with mercury there

has been an obsession with the word "zombie" we all kid around with but then see some truth in

it. Even the story of that since one hundred years have passed it has been so much easier for an

undertaker to in-balm most bodies because there is so much mercury in our systems gave me a

chill. John said that positive thoughts and prayer make a lot of difference in the detoxing the body

with this deceptive metal.

    I told John about what were working to do and he was very supportive and said he would help in

any way he could. Working with Marin County would be a good way to help the people in Lake

County but because of the amount of mercury gradually going into Marin county from the lake,

time would be of ascents.

     John knew Dennis Lee some years ago.. He also knows about Dr. Yell Brown and browns gas and

has studied Emotos work. He has little knowledge about primary water but he understood the concept

and agrees that pure water would be the most important thing to offer the tribe at Clear Lake at

this time.

    I told him about the GDV camera and said the testing with this device would probable allow

awareness to his work, primary water, and a sloe of remediation technologies especially working

with the people in Marin county... He agreed

I think it would be important to have John on the conference call as soon as possible. this will put a

lot of any skepticism to rest, in my opinion, and will get us an new part and revival of this important


What do you think...? I might be able to get him on this week ..



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