Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Newsletter Letter April 2014 Update

On behalf of the Clear Water Vision and its Advisory Board, we are sending you this update because you are either a current supporter or you have offered financial support to CWV in the past. We have researched this project at Clear Lake in California believed by many people to be the oldest Lake in America, the home of blue-green algae ( oldest food substance known) and where human existence dating back to what is called the ice age, some 12,000 to 14,000 years ago . This important research project beginning in 1997 has given us a look upon nature and human rights as looked through the relationship between earth and man.

Also known as the last of the oldest see-able volcanoes turned into lake along the Ring of Fire, (Los Alamos studies 1986) The water from the caldera in this area has been visually percolating from this volcano into California’s Central Valley (one of the most fertile lands in the world) and into the San Francisco Bay for millions of years.

With these same movements of volcanoes through millions of years also came to a natural movement of elements and minerals surfacing in this innovative area. During the California Gold rush mercury became an important mineral needed to extract the gold from the surrounding ore body. Mercury was the most sought for in California’s beginning of the industrial revolution in the efforts of finding gold in the Sierra Mountains. The Clear Lake Coastal Region was the most abundant in mining Mercury. These Mercury mines were abandoned after the gold rush was over however they continued to leach mercury, arsenicand other toxic substances into the water continuing even today to cause a great depression along this ancient Lake. 


. This constant poisoning from these toxic metals has allowed the current effects of the lack of esteem, autism, anger, cancer, drug abuse and just plain mental depression. A simple explanation of the effect of heavy metals vibrating at a much lower vibration than the human body is natural for the mind to understand. When the human vibratory rate is lowered by toxic metals released into the environment, the quality of health is also lowered. 

It is true that we have never shown a full scientific explanation of vibrational technologies until now. We can now show the devastating relationship between these heavy metals and the alarmingly high rates of death, cancer, autism and other serious heath epidemics in the areas near Clear Lake and the down flow of the water coming from the lake. Tens of thousands, possibly millions of people are slowly being poisoned by this environmental nightmare. This example is a strong reflection of what is happening with heavy metals throughout the world.

We at Clear Water Vision are actually doing something about this very serious issue and we need the financial support of our past, current and future donors to be able to continue or work here at Clear Lake. WE BELIEVE THAT THIS TOXIC POISONING OF THIS ENTIRE REGION CAN BE CORRECTED OVER TIME WITH THE CORRECT TECHNOLOGIES BEING USED. Please consider making a tax deductible donation now of your time, energy and money to support this life saving project. We need an immediate increase in

funding right now to pay for the final testing which will prove the source of this toxicity epidemic. Any amount of donation will be appreciated. Clear Water Vision has also followed this problem downstream to the Yolo Bypass, near UC Davis, where this mercury often settles in the flat plains and turns into a gas called ‘‘methyl mercury” (more dangerous the elemental mercury.)


 When the rains come every year this type of mercury heads down the Sacramento River and into the San Francisco Bay. The strongest hit in the Bay from this heavy metal is Marin County where the current of the river pushes straight into Marin County land. It would only stand to reason that this event going on for over 100 years is a large contributor in the very high cancer rate in this area. 


Could this be even a more simple explanation in how the earth works when we put large holes in the ground or spray an extremely organic lake (blue green algae) with DDT? (Rachel Carson- “Silent Springs”) Could this be more then only thinking it is our DNA allowing us to ignore the problem? Why would the public not be informed? 


But we do believe there are positive changes that the public is now being informed about. 


Clear Water Vision will not stand idly by to watch this poisoning event continue. We now offer more reasonable proof of the cause of the situation. It is very important that we do what we can to reach a conclusion to these two major epidemics. Here is our plan for both truth and solution….

1. Most important is to get water to this ancient Elem Tribe and not water from lake. Reverse osmosis from Clear Lake is not sufficient for healthy growth for this or their next generations, especially for a tribe of people who live directly on a mercury mine. Clear Water Vision has surveyed the land around this reservation. With the statistics from the test wells by the EPA and with information from two of our major hydrologists, we have determined the exact place and depth of the needed well providing clean primary water for these people.

2. With more advanced technologies in determining the vibration of the human body. GDV (Gas Discharge Video) can measure the exact vibration of the lake, the mine, and the water around Marin County and its negative effect on our human health. This research needs to be done and witnessed by officials both in media and government. http://www.earthcalm.com/product-

3. When determining this to be a problem, we have engaged technologies and methodologies that will give more hope to the public… These are such….. a. hydrogen technologies b.microbes

c. primary water d. vortex technologies e. others relating to vibration. (please check our website for future updates)

4. This research is a story of a history. Clear Water Vision has set out to tell this story, and that is being documented by documentary film producers who believe that this poisoning of such an important part of California’s population needs to be brought to the public awareness. Not only addressing the problem but also addressing all potential solutions available. We the People need to take action on this critical issue as it has been known for almost 30 years and our local, state and Federal governments have not taken decisive action to stop the slow poisoning our families and friends.. We need your help now. We believe this makes a wonderful story for all to hear. Education, both with the public and students through documentary is important.


5. Clear Water Vision has done presentations on this subject all over California. We have met several students from different universities who insist this be a curriculum in their universities. Our goals and our plans are to work directly with these universities. We have started on a a grant narrative application to the USDA for a grant so we can work directly with UC Davis and their students. This research can give us a deeper relationship with the students in bringing ecology and economy through water in our future.

Please do not consider this research as a reason to point out who is to blame. We cannot prosecute people who were not perceptive enough to know what they were doing some 165 years ago. Our position is to now recognize what has been done and present solutions in a scientific way. Through our youth the inspiration from this awareness can easily bring a change to our corporations. We have already seen the beginning of this change within these corporations as they are moved in a way of changing our economy by working with nature rather than exploiting it.

It is highly likely this research will not only help these people in Lake and Marin Counties in California. If our research is true (which we truly believe it is) it is even more likely we are helping some of the most innovative people in the world whose record in history is to help other people in the world. As for the Elem tribe, who after 15 years of watching them change in seeing it is important for them to be healthy to tell a very important story about the oldest lake in America, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Russell Anderson


Clear Water Vision

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